In order to promote economic and cultural exchanges between the two cities and push forward wealth management-based finance cooperation, mergers & acquisitions, it plans to initiate “West Lake- LemanLake” Finance, Technology and Innovation Forum to build a financial bridge betweenWest Lake and Leman Lake. The forum is held once in a year, successively in Hangzhou and Geneva.


Zhejiang is planning to implement the “Grand Bay”construction blueprint. Hangzhou at post G20 era is increasingly becoming the focus of the word. New financial industrial chain and ecosphere that integrates internet finance, venture capital investment,, green finance, wealth management and ……


Authority address
Keynote Speech
Subforum 1: China's opportunities and the rise of innovative enterprises
Subforum 2: Family funds and wealth inheritance
Subforum 3: Cross-border investment and M&A


Cooperative engagement & Business contact:
Registration Hotline:0571—87371003  
Contact Person: Ms. Qi

Business Cooperation with Switzerland:
Telephone: 18814828263  
ContactPerson: Ms. Yu

Conference Secretariat:
Telephone: 0571-89922214  
Contact Person: Ms. Wang

Swiss contact:
Telephone:+4178 6015184

Honored Guests


Zhu Congjiu

Xu Liyi

Chu Xiaoming

Éric Bertinat

Yao Feng

Gao Jian

Zhong Rongsa

Wang Zhongmin

Jeremy Huff

Cooperative Partner


Guiding unit
People’s Government of Zhejiang Province
Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government

Financial work office of Hangzhou municipal people’s government;
Hangzhou Shangcheng district people’s government

Zheshang Venture Capital Co., Ltd
Miremont Partners(Swiss partner)
Hangzhou Financial Investment Group
Hangzhou Bank
Shenwan Hongyuan Securities
Hangzhou Internet Finance Association
Hangzhou Wealth Management Federation

Support by

Zhejiang Finance Office
Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Office
Hangzhou Overseas Chinese office
Jianggan District people’s Government of Hangzhou
China Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Zhejiang Merchants Association equity investment and acquisition Committee
Zhejiang Equity Investment AssociationZhejiang Finance Development Promotion Association

Zhejiang Democratic National Construction Association of entrepreneurs
Hangzhou Venture Capital Association
Swiss Confederation government science and technology culture center

2018.10.22   Intercontinental Hangzhou Hotel

Forum in:Intercontinental Hangzhou Hotel     Address:No. 2 Jiefang East Road : Hangzhou , ZJ ,310016   TEL:(0571) 89810000,  4008806728