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Ticket type Time Price Rights and interests
Forum tickets October 22
Main forum + chosen closed-door meeting (among three)
(including one lunch buffet )

The main forum will be held on October 22nd, followed by closed-door meetings in the afternoon
700 dollars / person

Main agenda

Time: October 22th   2018
Location:  Intercontinental Hangzhou Hotel, Hangzhou Room

  1. 1.  Authority address:   9:00-9:40
  2. 2.  Keynote speech:   9:40-12:00

Parallel Forums agenda

The Parallel Forums will be held from 14:00 to 17:30 in Hangzhou Room of Hangzhou intercontinental hotel.

Parallel Forums 1: China’s opportunities and the rise of innovative enterprises 


We plan to invite Hangzhou innovative enterprises to participate and share the opportunity to invest in China and innovative enterprises with Swiss financial circle.

Parallel Forums 2: Family funds and wealth inheritance

The inheritance of family wealth is a worldwide problem, and it is also a realistic dilemma for Zhejiang merchants. Trusts, assets and so on are getting more attention as the problem of wealth inheritance is intensifying.

Parallel Forums 3: Cross-border investment and M&A 

Switzerland has world-class companies in manufacturing, medical and health care, food and other fields. We would like to invite Swiss partners to invite high-quality enterprises that want to explore the Chinese market and cooperate with China to share the opportunity of investment cooperation.